Electro coating (also known as E-coating) is a process in which metal parts are dipped into a paint bath and a Direct Current (DC) charge is applied to create an electric field within the E-Coat paint bath. This electric field causes an attraction between the Electro coat paint and the metal substrate. The attraction results in the E-coat paint adhering to the metal part which provides uniform coating coverage and superior long-term corrosion protection.


E-Coating Is Cost Effective Yet Corrosion Resistant:

E-Coating is the most automatic, controllable, and efficient method for applying a corrosion inhibiting primer to a metallic part. E-coating was developed originally for the automotive industry because it is economical and provides superior coverage, adhesion and corrosion resistance. It is now used in many other industries such as Agriculture, Medical, and Electronics as well. E-Coating delivers the highest level of productivity at the lowest cost.


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